Advantages of funeral covers


Advantage of having a funeral cover and how helpful it is:

Not everyone has money in their bank accounts for serious emergencies. Some people are good at saving and some people struggle to save for anything. Funerals are an emergency and planning for a funeral is not easy and it requires a lot of money. Sometimes being a breadwinner can also be hard and difficult because you have to take care of your family on your own. As a sole provider, you need to be prepared at all times. Getting a funeral cover is one thing that you should take into consideration. A funeral cover can help you arrange a decent funeral and funeral covers are not expensive and you can add more than one family member to the policy.

Advantages of a funeral cover

Funeral policies allow you to add other family members and they are affordable you can pay a small amount and add up to 7 or more family members to your policy. The funeral policy will pay an amount to you which are called a lump sum payment if one of the family members that are in your policy passes away. When you have a funeral policy you do not have to stress about paying for the funeral.

Funeral cover amounts are often no more than R50 000. Funeral cover payouts are different from life insurance. With life insurance, the payout is more because that is your retirement fund and it should be able to sustain you for long. With funeral covers, the money that you get is for the planning of the funeral. In some cultures they take a week to plan for the funeral and during the course of the planning they need to buy food and other necessities that will be needed before the funeral.

Most undertakers have transportation for the family that is available on the day of the funeral. There are funeral policies that have a transport package this means that they will give you a car that will assist you and your family to run errands for the funeral. The transport package is helpful for people who do not have means of transport to run errands and to plan properly for the funeral.

With funeral covers, people do not have to stress about having to finance a funeral. The money that you are paying on monthly basis will be beneficial for you and your family. You do not have to stress about having to go and apply for a loan. Insurance companies can help you with your claim within 48 hours.


Cover24 has funeral covers that are affordable and you can claim within 48 hours and the pay-out will help you with the funeral expenses.

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